Feel my edges,

Reach, breach and bend.


Banged into place

by the Blacksmith.


Artsist at finding

my jugular

and launching -

with the Right

look in my eye.


Let the edges

Fray and

Melt away .

Washed up and

Washed out.


Rouge clinging

to the

Shallow Dimples.

Not opposed

to the idea of

No Existence.



Does not always


the way it shoud.

I lack the courage

to let it be

The Full Stop.


Twist, Beat, Repeat

The slur

I know makes

your stomach



In my mind,

i’m in number


silent, immobile

just pain.

18 and

no idea how to feel.


Feel the pattern,

hold it in your


Like icy water

from a hot



Splash it

on your face

for good measure.

Take a long look —

This is your life.

Hello, my name is Emma and I like drawing, laughing and telling stories.

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