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Lift up the corner

Of the Duvet

And let Me in.

Allow me to feel

The warmth of

The dirty sheets.


The space in your


The imprint I left behind.

Where I lifted

Myself from

- Some time ago –

Is it still warm?

Have I been

Gone for long?


All of those dark

Days, since i left

Have molded into


A hot, sticky mess of

doom and gloom.

Of to-do lists undone and

Voice messages from my


A paradox, parallel, mirage

Of a life — I should be living.

I am living?

I think.


I can see the glint

In your eye — however.

As you wrap the blanket

Around me

Like a piping hot


I know that,

You think this time

I am trapped.


Finally, you caught the


You, disguised as Tulips

And Daffodils

Have lived in eternal Spring.

Slaughtering other lambs

That have leaped

Too young, too bright,


Of hope and light

From sleepless nights

Into the covers

With you.


Hold me,

Just for one moment.

As we become one.

i’ll let You kiss


Like an old lover,

Deeply, Purely.

Take me to that tree

Beside the river

Take me, there.


Wrap your tongue,

Around my ear.

Tell me how good

I look.

As you suffocate me

With your presence.

Until I am down on all


Gravel in my palms.

At one with nature.

Begging for more,

From you, from life

From anyone who’ll listen.

I have to feel soemthing.



My eyes glaze over,

As others tell me

Of the mundane


They orbit.

I think of you

And I




You are my sun,

My warmth, my


Propelling me


But clenching your nails

Into my thigh

When I stray.

Hello, my name is Emma and I like drawing, laughing and telling stories.

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